Soluble Il7R Elisa

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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the soluble il7r elisa reagents distributed by Genprice. The Soluble Il7R Elisa reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact soluble elisa. Other Soluble products are available in stock. Specificity: Soluble Category: Il7R Group: Elisa

Elisa information

IL7R Antibody

  • EUR 222.00
  • EUR 195.00
  • 100ug
  • 50ug
Description: A polyclonal antibody against IL7R. Recognizes IL7R from Human. This antibody is Unconjugated. Tested in the following application: WB, ELISA;WB:1/500-1/2000.ELISA:1/10000


  • EUR 551.00
  • EUR 732.00
  • 15 nmol
  • 30 nmol


  • EUR 551.00
  • EUR 732.00
  • 15 nmol
  • 30 nmol

IL7R Antibody

32245-100ul 100ul
EUR 252

Human IL7R ELISA Kit

ELA-E2101h 96 Tests
EUR 824


EF005283 96 Tests
EUR 689

Human IL7R/CD127 ELISA Kit

LF-EK50888 1×96T
EUR 648

Mouse IL7R/CD127 ELISA Kit

LF-EK50889 1×96T
EUR 648

IL7R ELISA Kit (Human) (OKCD07783)

OKCD07783 96 Wells
EUR 936
Description: Description of target: The protein encoded by this gene is a receptor for interleukine 7 (IL7). The function of this receptor requires the interleukin 2 receptor, gamma chain (IL2RG), which is a common gamma chain shared by the receptors of various cytokines, including interleukine 2, 4, 7, 9, and 15. This protein has been shown to play a critical role in the V(D)J recombination during lymphocyte development. This protein is also found to control the accessibility of the TCR gamma locus by STAT5 and histone acetylation. Knockout studies in mice suggested that blocking apoptosis is an essential function of this protein during differentiation and activation of T lymphocytes. The functional defects in this protein may be associated with the pathogenesis of the severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).;Species reactivity: Human;Application: ELISA;Assay info: ;Sensitivity: < 0.68ng/mL

IL7R ELISA Kit (Rat) (OKCD00851)

OKCD00851 96 Wells
EUR 857
Description: Description of target: ;Species reactivity: Rat;Application: ELISA;Assay info: Assay Methodology: Quantitative Sandwich Immunoassay;Sensitivity: < 0.116 ng/mL

anti-IL7R alpha

YF-PA12695 50 ug
EUR 363
Description: Mouse polyclonal to IL7R alpha

anti-IL7R alpha

YF-PA12696 100 ug
EUR 403
Description: Rabbit polyclonal to IL7R alpha

IL7R Blocking Peptide

33R-2725 100 ug
EUR 180
Description: A synthetic peptide for use as a blocking control in assays to test for specificity of IL7R antibody, catalog no. 70R-9665

IL7R Blocking Peptide

DF6362-BP 1mg
EUR 195

IL7R cloning plasmid

CSB-CL011670HU-10ug 10ug
EUR 233
Description: A cloning plasmid for the IL7R gene.

IL7R Rabbit pAb

A13503-100ul 100 ul
EUR 308

IL7R Rabbit pAb

A13503-200ul 200 ul
EUR 459